Snowflake is a small window hanging piece just under 8 inches
in diameter. It is made with different textures of clear glass with
some iridescent glass for a reflective sheen of rainbow colors.
Cost is $29.50       
Tax and shipping added at time of sale on all our work.

Swirling Diamonds

Swirling Diamonds is a very popular original design. with an almost 15" diameter
It will look equally well in an octagon window, square or picture window, just give
it some direct sunlight to see the diamonds sparkle.  Cost $95


The Kaleidoscope is about 9 inches long. The glass on these is usually iridescent,
a sheen that reflects a rainbow of colors. It comes in many colors and includes
a soft bag for storage and display.  A great gift for weddings or anniversaries as
it will be equally enjoyed by both men and women.  Cost $79.50

Stained Glass gifts, pictured above, are also available from